YEC is Your Electronic Cash

1 min readOct 14, 2020


YEC is #YourElectronicCash.

YEC is yours.

Ycash is a fair and open egalitarian blockchain, with a supply cap of 21 million YEC coins. When you own the private keys to your YEC, it is 100% yours. Send coins without a trusted third party. No permission required. No bank needed. No middlemen with hungry mouths to feed.

YEC is electronic.

Think of the differences between a letter sent through the post office and email. The electronic version is faster, more efficient, reliable, durable, and operates 24/7/365.

YEC is cash.

YEC is a cash coin, a fungible bearer instrument. YEC uses zero-knowledge proofs, which shield account balances, history, and transaction details from the public blockchain. Look up any shielded YEC address on any block explorer. Try to find the balance or the history. It isn’t there! Just like paper cash in your wallet, YEC is a cash coin.

YEC is your electronic cash.

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Enjoy 🤙