New Year Goodness 新年好

2 min readJan 31, 2022

The most important holiday for billions of people worldwide starts tonight.

Happy Chinese New Year!

What to do?

Legend has it, during the Shang dynasty, at the start of every year, a monster named Nian (年) attacked villages and tried to eat people. How did the brave people respond? They used happiness, fireworks, candles, and the color red to chase the beast away. And it worked!

So the idea is just create good vibes 🤙

Clean the house, visit with family and friends, have a big meal, leave the lights on, and give red envelopes filled with lucky cash. Or even better, give Ycash!

What’s the deal with the animal?

When the emperor had a race among 12 animals, he noted the order of how they finished. The winner was the rat, followed by the ox, and each year we celebrate a different animal and the traits of that animal. 2022 is #YearofTheTiger.

This should be a good year, because Ycashers are known for having some of the same attributes as tigers — strength, bravery, and ambition.

When is it?

The Chinese new year begins with the rising of the second new moon after the winter solstice. This year, it begins February 1, and goes 15 days until the full moon, ending with a lantern festival.

Traditionally, everyone stays inside with good vibes for at least the first 5 days. So, people often stock up on nian huo (年货), special holiday food, drink, clothes, and gifts.

How to say it?

In Mandarin, it’s Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! 新年快乐.

Xin “sshin” is new, Nian “nyen” (like the monster) is year, and Kuai Le “kye la” is happiness, joy, or delight. All in all, it’s Happy New Year.

Alternatively, you can say xīn nián hǎo, which simply means “New Year Goodness.”