Money is Shielded Cryptocurrency, and Nothing Else.

1. Limited Supply

Despite many attempts, gold cannot be created. The amount that exists on this earth is all there ever will be. 197,576 metric tons above ground and an unchanging amount underground.

2. Malleability

Gold is the most malleable metal. It can be drawn into a wire of single-atom width.

3. Durability

Gold does not rust, tarnish, or degrade. Pure gold held today will physically be the same in a year, ten years, or 100 years. This is why gold holds its value during recessions or times of inflation.

4. Sovereignty

Gold is a sovereign bearer asset. There is no counterparty risk. Whoever holds it has full rights and privileges to do what they like with it.

5. Fungibility

Every atom of pure gold is the same. Gold has no history or memory. The gold in your pocket could have been on a sunken pirate ship for centuries or stored in the Queen of England’s bedside table.



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