How To Buy Domino’s with YEC

Jan 16, 2022

It’s the first weekend of the NFL playoffs. You’re probably getting a Domino’s cheese pizza with garlic crust at some point today, right?

How to buy Domino’s with shielded YEC as the starting point, and without touching fiat currency:

  1. Start with shielded YEC as your capital.
  2. Deposit YEC into an exchange like SouthXchange.
  3. Exchange YEC for BTC. Withdraw to a fresh, never used BTC address.
  4. Go to and use your BTC to buy a Domino’s gift code.
  5. Receive the gift code instantly (0 confirmations) by email.
  6. After you make a Domino’s order, at checkout pay with the gift code you received from Bitrefill.
  7. Put on pants and/or a clean shirt.
  8. Wait 30 minutes for the delivery and enjoy!