How To Buy Chipotle With YEC

Right now, using shielded cryptocurrency to buy food in a pure, unadulterated, direct way can only be done at a handful of small coffee shops and hot sauce merchants. But what if you get a craving for a mission burrito, with chips and guac? The good news is, there is a way to buy Chipotle with YEC as your starting point, without touching fiat currency!

  1. Start with shielded YEC as your capital.
  2. Deposit YEC into an exchange like SouthXchange.
  3. Exchange YEC for BTC. Withdraw to a fresh, never used BTC address.
  4. Go to and use your BTC to buy a Chipotle gift code.
  5. Receive the gift code instantly (0 confirmations) by email.
  6. In Chipotle’s mobile app, tap the icon in the upper left corner, scroll down to payment methods, and add a gift card. Enter the gift code you received from Bitrefill. The pin number is not needed.
  7. Make your order, and pay with the gift card balance you just added.
  8. Grab your food and enjoy!




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